There are a number of resources available to help ranchers who lost livestock in the Atlas blizzard, and South Dakota Farm Bureau has worked to compile them here in one location for your reference.  Click on any of the links below that you might find helpful:

Helpful documents:
New press release (Oct. 14) from SD Dept of Ag: "Help Line Available to Producers and Others Affected by Western SD Snow Storm"

New "Fact Sheet" from SD Dept of Ag, pulling together all relevant information & phone numbers

Livestock Death Loss Reporting Form from the SD Animal Industry Board

"Guidelines for On-Farm Carcass Dispoal" from the SD Animal Industry Board

Helpful articles:
"Document Livestock Death Loss" article by SDSU Beef Specialists
"Animal Health Concerns Following October Blizzard" article by SDSU

Helpful websites:

South Dakota Department of Agriculture website:

South Dakota Animal Industry Board website:

Helpful pages on Facebook:

South Dakota Cattle Locator on Facebook:

Ranchers Relief Fund on Facebook:

Atlas Blizzard Ranch Relief & Aid on Facebook:

Click here to visit South Dakota Farm Bureau's facebook page to participate in our Prayer Chain for the ranchers.   "Say a Prayer, then click Share" has been shared 2,300 times and has been seen by more than 94,000 people via Facebook!

Donate to the "Rancher Relief Fund" here, set up by South Dakota livestock groups through the Black Hills Area Community Foundation.

Photo courtesy of the "Ranchers Relief Fund"  facebook page.