South Dakota Farm Bureau (SDFB) urges agriculture producers and businesses to be in contact with South Dakota congressional representatives on the impact of escalating tariffs and potential trade wars on producers in South Dakota.


“While early summer is not a big grain selling period, real damage will start to occur as seasonal selling begins,” said Scott VanderWal, SDFB president from Volga, S.D. “SDFB, as well as other Farm Bureaus across the country, have been closely following this issue and believe now is the time to increase the pressure. President Trump’s actions on most issues have been good for our industry and we thank him for that, but the trade issue is very troubling to our members and we urge him to get the trade disputes worked out quickly.”


The agriculture economy has a profound impact on the overall economy of South Dakota. Disruption in trade and exports of agricultural – and any other exported products – from the state could have an adverse ripple effect throughout South Dakota.


VanderWal added that all three members of the South Dakota congressional delegation have been urging the President to use caution and prevent damage to agricultural markets.


“Increased comments from producers and businesses will give our elected leaders firsthand information on current and anticipated impacts that will be helpful as they work with the Administration on behalf of producers,” said VanderWal.


SDFB offers the following key points to elevate to South Dakota’s congressional members, which may make a difference in achieving critical trade negotiations: 

  • South Dakota farmers and ranchers depend on free trade for a living.
  • The retaliatory tariffs from multiple countries are and will continue to impact many parts of U.S. agriculture. With farm prices low, we need to maintain and expand market opportunities.
  • Rural America is not prepared to withstand a prolonged trade war.
  • Farmers who raise livestock or milk cows have seen their income immediately erode due to trade uncertainty. Milk and dairy product prices have fallen by more than 10 percent over the last month.
  • Crop prices fell sharply after the announcements of U.S. tariff actions. The impact will only get worse as the trade fight drags on and harvest season approaches.
  • America’s farmers and ranchers need certainty that issues with our trading partners will be resolved soon.

Contact information for the South Dakota delegation staff in Washington D.C. and their field staff in South Dakota can be found at or through the following link:


If you have any questions regarding these issues or would like additional information please contact the South Dakota Farm Bureau office at 605-353-8050.