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State Legislative

State Legislative Stay up-to-date with current legislation and how it affects South Dakota Agriculture.

Updates from South Dakota Farm Bureau

Michael Held, South Dakota Farm Bureau's lobbyist, is at the Capitol representing our members during the Legislative Session.

Contact for Questions:

Michael Held
SDFB Lobbyist
Email: mheld@sdfbf.org
Cell: (605) 350-0739

2021 Legislative Updates:

SDFB Legislative Update - Week 1 2021

SDFB Legislative Update Week 2 2021

South Dakota Farm Bureau to Offer Health Care Legislation during 2021 Session

Frequently Asked Questions on SB 87


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SDFB Policy Overview July 14, 2020
Dani Hanson, SDFB's Director of Public Policy, recently gave a brief overview of SDFB's new backgrounders and provided a short update on policy happenings in Pierre since the 2020 Legislative Session. She also provided helpful suggestions to prepare policy for the fall. 




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  2021 Bill Tracker


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House Bill

SDFB StatusBillPurpose
HB 1023Repeal obsolete property tax provisions and to revise property tax cross-reference and land classification statues.
HB 1028Revise petition requirements and criteria for issuance of water right permit.
HB 1038Make an appropriation from the coordinated natural resources conservation fund to the State Conservation Commission and declare an emergency.
HB 1040Make an appropriation to fund certain small meat processor grants and to declare an emergency.
HB 1042Revise certain provisions regarding riparian buffer strips.
HB 1045Revise certain tenant and landlord rights.
HB 1046Limit liability for certain exposures to COVID-19.
HB 1053Establish an annual fee for certain electric motor vehicles.
HB 1054Require a copy of any initiated measure or amendment on the ballot be provided to voters.

HB 1058Authorize the recall of county commissioners.
HB 1062Authorize the recovery of costs for defending certain initiated amendments in court.

Senate Bill

SDFB StatusBillPurpose
SB 11Revise provisions regarding highways and bridges.
SB 34Make an appropriation to expand rural access to broadband services and to declare an emergency.
SB 35Make an appropriation to implement provisions concerning the legalization, regulation, and taxation of marijuana, and to declare an emergency.
SB 47Make an appropriation for the maintenance and repair of state-owned dams and to declare an emergency.
SB49Revise property tax levies for school districts and to revise the state aid to general and special education formulas.
SB 52Revise the permit duration on certain concentrated animal feeding operations.
SB 70Revise and reorganize certain provisions regarding the assessment of property for the purposes of taxation.
SB 76Revise provisions regarding public access to certain meandered bodies of water.
SB 86Revise certain requirements regarding the review of initiated amendments to the Constitution.
SB 87Exempt health benefit plans sponsored by nonprofit agricultural organizations from insurance regulation.