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Bill Purpose

HB 1028 Modify expiration dates and enforcement actions pertaining to pesticide applicator licenses.

HB 1029 Revise certain provisions regarding the county zoning and appeals process.

HB 1030 Make an appropriation for the revised construction costs of the bioproducts facility in Brookings, and to declare an emergency.

HB 1031 Make an appropriation for the revised construction costs of the dairy research and extension farm at South Dakota State University and to declare an emergency.

HB 1032 Make an appropriate for the demolition and reconstruction of agricultural-use structures at South Dakota State University, and to declare an emergency.

HB 1043 Make an exemption from certain property taxation for owner-occupied single-family dwellings

HB 1049 Revise the General Appropriations Act for fiscal year 2023.

HB 1050 Authorize counties to issue bonds for certain expenditures funded by a gross receipts tax.

HB 1052 Change the eligibility requirements of a property tax relief program for disabled veterans and surviving spouses.

HB 1058 Revise the water resources projects list.

HB 1066 Require the use of fuel that is thirty percent ethanol by volume by the state motor vehicle pool in certain circumstances.

HB 1068 Prohibit deceptive practices in the advertising and sale of food products as meat and poultry.

HB 1069 Prohibit the acquisition of agricultural land by foreign governments.

HB 1075 To lower the state sales tax rate and the state use tax rate on food to zero percent.

HB 1084 Grant a common carrier the right of eminent domain for public use.

HB 1089 Require notice and compensation prior to entry upon private land for the purpose of causing an examination and survey.

HB 1090 Modify protections for agricultural operations from nuisance claims.

HB 1095 To lower the state sales tax rate and the state use tax rate on food to two and one-half percent.

HB 1096 To lower the state sales tax rate and the state use tax rate on food to three and one-half percent.

HB 1100 Authorize landowner-on-own-land elk licenses.

HB 1107 Allo townships to assess up to four dollars per front foot for a township paved road in a paved development and assess properties within three hundred feet of the paved road.

HB 1121 Expand the definition of a pesticide dealer.

HB 1126 Revise the fee for a utility to cross a railroad right-of-way.

HB 1133 Provide that a company transporting carbon dioxide by pipeline is not a common carrier.

HB 1135 Provide for transparency in the pricing of prescription drugs.

HB 1136 Prohibit the condemnation of private land for certain non-public purposes.

HB 1137 Reduce certain gross receipts tax rates and a use tax rate, and to repeal a conditional reduction of certain gross receipts tax rates.

HB 1149 Revise the classification of owner-occupied single-family dwellings to include more than one attached or unattached garage.

HB1178 Establish a timeline and consideration of an application to construct a carbon dioxide transmission facility.

HB 1186 Require restitution for landowners following an unauthorized entry to hunt, fish, or trap.

HB 1188 Provide for property owner inclusion in the pipeline siting application and condemnation process.

HB 1189 Require certain entities owning agricultural land to report foreign beneficial ownership interests.

HB 1201 Provide for the election of State Brand Board members.

HB 1202 Require consent from property owners prior to a pipeline condemnation proceeding.

HB 1230 Clarify references to the court in a condemnation action.

HCR 6012 Stating South Dakota's preferred policy to promote best results in animal identification and tracking through flexibility in methods.

HJR 5004 Proposing and submitting to the voters at the next general election, an amendment to the Constitution of the State of South Dakota, authorizing the state to impose work requirements on certain individuals who are eligible for expanded Medicaid.

SB 11 To update certain application fees for actions related to energy transactions in utility chargeback dockets.

SB 16 Make an appropriation to rehabilitate the rail line from the city of Milbank to the city of Sisseton and to declare an emergency.

SB 17 Make appropriations for water and environmental purposes and to declare an emergency.

SB 18 Revise the appropriation for a livestock and equestrian complex at the State Fair, and to delare an emergency.

SB 21 Make an appropriation for costs related to the Black Hills National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan revision process and to declare an emergency.

SB 24 Revise property tax levies for school districts and to review the state aid to general and special education formulas.

SB 26 Transfer a property tax relief program, to change income requirements for certain property tax relief programs, and to index certain income schedules to inflation.

SB 30 Revise the criteria for remote sellers who must remit sales tax.

SB 36 Require quarterly reporting of alleged crimes and civil proceedings involving grain transactions and to provide a penalty therefor.

SB41 Establish a program for housing Infrastructure loans and grants, make an appropriation therefor, and to declare an emergency.

SB 44 Repeal provisions regarding the creation of river basin natural resource districts.

SB 61 Revise driver's license suspensions for restricted permit holders over the age of sixteen.

SB 73 Exclude road improvement district and township-owned sef-propelled machinery, equipment, and vehicles from fuel excise tax.

SB 74 Provide for the establishment of regional jail authorities.

SB 83 Revising provisions regarding water development districts.

SB 84 Authorize compensation for water project district directors.

SB 92 Require that certain operations obtain their own general or individual water pollution permits.

SB 97 Establish a for-cause requirement for inspections of motor carriers on possible vehicle weight and load violations.

SB 99 Authorize counties to issue bonds for certain expenditures funded by a gross receipts tax.

SB 120 Increase an amount of property value owned by a local industrial development corporation that is exempt from taxation.

SB 131 Remove certain limitations on property tax levy increases.

SB 132 Revise the appointment of legislators to the Agricultural Land Assessment implementation and Oversight Advisory Task Force.

SB 142 Prohibit certain persons from using the title veterinary technician.

SB 144 Provide access to abandoned cemeteries to descendants of the decedents interred therein.

SB 150 Add provisions regarding construction and maintenance of livestock pipelines on highways.

SB 156 Make an appropriation of American Rescue Plan Act monies for preconstruction activities of water resources in western South Dakota and to declare an emergency.

SB 185 Establish the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States - South Dakota and revise provisions related to the foreign ownership of control of agricultural land.

SB 189 Prohibit state agencies from contracting with companies owned or controlled by certain foreign entities or governments.

SJR 503 Proposing and submitting to the voters at the next general election an amendment to the Constitution of the State of South Dakota, limiting the amount of ad valorem tax on real property, and limiting the increase in the assessed value of real property.

SJR 504 Proposing and submitting to the electors at the next general election an amendment to Article III of the Constitution of the State of South Dakota, to limit terms of service for legislators to eight years.

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