Continuing a tradition it began in 1984, the South Dakota Farm Bureau will again be honoring farm and ranch families who have owned their land for 100 years or more. Application forms are available now and are due back by August 13, in time for a special recognition event to be held during the 2015 South Dakota State Fair.

To qualify for the Century Farm award, a family must have retained continuous ownership of at least 80 acres of original farmland for 100 years or more. If the family ownership of that land has reached the 125-year mark, they may apply to be recognized as a Quasquicentennial Farm. Some form of documentation of the original date of purchase must be included with the application.

Application forms are available online here or by calling South Dakota Farm Bureau at (605) 353-8052.

A special recognition program will be held for these families at the South Dakota State Fair on Thursday, September 3. More details on the program will be made available as the date approaches.

Since the program's inception, 2,770 century farms & ranches and 250 quasquicentennial farm & ranches have been recognized. South Dakota Farm Bureau and the South Dakota Department of Agriculture encourage families to apply for this esteemed award!