At the November 2012 South Dakota Farm Bureau annual meeting, the Moody County Farm Bureau donated $500 to the new Cow-Calf Research & Training Center at SDSU, and issued a challenge to other County Farm Bureaus to do the same.  The cow-calf unit facility on the Brookings campus was lost to a fire last March. 

Several County Farm Bureaus have stepped up with donations to pool with the starting donation from Moody County, including:

Beadle ($500), Brookings / Kingsbury ($500), Butte / Harding / Lawrence ($5,000), Clay / Union ($500), Minnehaha ($1,000), and Pennington / Jackson ($5,000). 

South Dakota Farm Bureau’s donations total $13,000 thus far.  Thank you for your support!

If your county would like to contribute to the cause, please talk to Wayne ( or 605-353-8051) or Julie ( or 605-353-8052) at the SDFB office.  Thank you!