South Dakota Farm Bureau operates under policy created by its farmer and rancher members, and this year's process of developing the organization's policy is now getting underway at the County Farm Bureau level.  Counties put together Resolutions Committees to surface issues and develop proposed policies that are voted on at their County Farm Bureau annual meeting. 

SDFB members, please note that the timeline for turning in Resolutions from your county to the state office has moved up.  Resolutions that are passed by the counties are due to the SDFB office in Huron by August 16.  This change has been made so that there is adequate time for the Counties to review the State Resolutions Committee report before sending delegates to the SDFB Annual Meeting. 

Click here to visit the SDFB Policy page with more details.  County leaders, you will find a link on this page to all the details you'll need to guide you through the process.