The South Dakota Farm Bureau’s Women Leadership Team (WLT) announced their Accurate Ag Book for the coming year at the 2016 SDFB Annual Convention.

The book that was selected is written by Dan Yunk, former CEO of the Kansas Farm Bureau and is titled Kailey's Pig 'Tales’. Readers will join Kailey and her cousins as they discover what is involved in caring for pigs and what they provide. The non-fiction paperback is made up of 16 full color pages. Young readers will learn how pigs are taken care of on the farm and also about the many things pigs provide including pork chops, ham, bacon and even brushes!

Since 2008, the WLT has placed more than 3,000 Accurate Ag Books in South Dakota classrooms.

The WLT promotes and assists SDFB by involving women and helping them develop their leadership skills. The organization works to educate the public about farm and rural safety, and provides accurate information about agriculture to consumers and students.

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