South Dakota Farm Bureau (SDFB) is encouraging members to contact our South Dakota Congressional representatives to share the importance of wetland regulation improvements. This issue is currently part of the U.S. Farm Bill discussions. Both the House and Senate are working on the Farm Bill package in the next few weeks, so time is of the essence to make sure your voice is heard on important details for the next Farm Bill.

Below are three key provisions in the House bill regarding wetland regulations that our elected officials in Washington D.C. need to know are important to South Dakota farmers.

The provisions include:

1.     Require USDA to apply all exemptions before a farm can be found ineligible for farm programs. Currently, it is the farmer’s responsibility to find and apply for an exemption.

2.     Allow USDA 180 days to do regulations implementing minimal effect. This should provide some regulatory flexibility.

3.     Provide funding for mitigation banks.

These are incremental but solid changes in the statute. Contact information for the South Dakota Congressional staff in Washington D.C. and their field staff in South Dakota can be found at the following link: