After more than two hours of debate, including testimony from Gov. Noem and SDFB President VanderWal, the Senate State Affairs committee narrowly passed SB 157 6-3. Senators raised several important questions about the process of livestock zoning in South Dakota.

It is more important than ever for our members to voice support for SB 157 by calling or emailing your legislators TODAY.

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 There are several hurdles to get over and it is  critical we share with legislators the importance of passing SB 157.

  Next Steps:

  • The bill could be considered on the Senate floor as early as this Friday, Feb. 21.
  • House committee consideration
  • House floor consideration


    Top Talking Points:

    SB 157:

    • Protects local control. 
      • A majority vote ensures the local community gets to make decisions, not a fringe few. 
    • Creates a fair, timely, and reliable process for getting economic growth projects permitted. 
    • Provides clarity for counties on options available to them when considering permits for projects.
    • Places the criteria of who can appeal a decision – that already exists in South Dakota case law – in state statue so it’s easily accessible and clear for everyone.

      This is important because... 

    • Economic development projects are essential to the long-term success of our communities and the families that call them home.  
    • This legislation provides fairness and certainty to a process that is so important for the growth of South Dakota’s communities. 


      Click this link to view a “Myth vs. Fact” sheet that includes helpful information as you visit with your legislators about this bill.  Myth v Fact SB157