The South Dakota Ag Wetland Exchange will be featured at the National Mitigation & Ecosystem Banking Conference (NMEBC) later this week in Minneapolis, Minn. The conference brings together members of the environmental community to advance and protect the environment in a financially sustainable way.


Creating a South Dakota Wetland Exchange was made possible by the 2014 Farm Bill and helps states, local governments and qualified individuals develop wetland mitigation banks that restore, create, or enhance wetland ecosystems, generating credits in one place to compensate for what is often a highly disturbed wetland within cropland. South Dakota Farm Bureau (SDFB) is the sponsor of the South Dakota Ag Wetland Exchange.


Krystil Smit, SDFB Executive Director and Wayne Smith, SDFB Wetland Specialist will be attending the conference and the South Dakota Ag Wetland Exchange case study will be presented to attendees on Thursday, May 9 from 2:15 p.m. to 3:45 p.m.


 “Wetland mitigation banking gives producers the opportunity to utilize their land to its highest value and at the same time achieve high-quality wetlands,” said Krystil Smit, SDFB Executive Director. “We look forward to sharing our story, and learn from others at the conference who are working to invest in the environment.”


More information about the conference can be found at To learn more about the South Dakota Ag Wetland Exchange, visit their website,