South Dakota Delegation Meets with U.S. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue

 South Dakota Farm Bureau (SDFB) President Scott VanderWal and Michael Elsen, a producer from Hecla were part of a small group that met privately with U.S. Agriculture Sec. Sonny Perdue today in Washington, D.C. to discuss issues relating to wetland concerns.

 “Today was a very successful discussion,” said VanderWal. “The Secretary was receptive to the information that was presented and shared with us that our visit solidified comments he has been hearing from other producers.”

VanderWal and Elsen were joined by North Dakota Farm Bureau President Daryl Lies and Chad Wekerly, a producer from Hurdsfield, N.D.  The delegation was led by Zippy Duvall, American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) President.

"It was exciting to visit with someone that wants to get back to helping farmers and ranchers rather than creating another layer of regulation," said Elsen.  "I feel very encouraged that changes may be coming that will not only help our industry but our country."

In addition to the private meeting with Sec. Perdue, the delegation also spent time with staff from USDA as well as AFBF.