South Dakotans who are looking for lower health care coverage options can now apply for South Dakota Farm Bureau (SDFB) Health Plans. Information about the individual and family plans, as well as a dental and vision bundle, can be found at

“South Dakota Farm Bureau members have asked for years if a health care product was available through our organization, said Scott VanderWal, SDFB President. “South Dakota Farm Bureau Health Plans will fulfill this request and provide members another option when choosing affordable health care coverage for their family.” 

The SDFB Health Care plans are underwritten and patterned after coverage found on the Affordable Care Act marketplace. The comprehensive and quality coverage offers options for those looking for lower cost premiums.

Health care coverage is a critical need for many rural South Dakotans. A survey conducted with SDFB farmer/rancher members showed that 70 percent are concerned about finding and keeping affordable health coverage for their families. Members reported paying premiums in excess of $1,500 - $2,000 each month.

Legislation was passed earlier this year that allows SDFB to begin offering health care coverage. The plan offers a variety of options to suit a wide array of health coverage needs for level of coverage, deductibles, co-pays, out-of-pocket payments, preventative health benefits, dental, vision and more. 

The health care plan includes a national network of providers through United Healthcare Choice Plus and will operate much like health care coverage offered at companies with self-funded pools.

Preventative health care benefits such as mammograms, routine colonoscopy, annual well-woman exams, and others are covered under the four different plan options for individuals under 65.

Bundled dental and vision is another popular offering of South Dakota Farm Bureau Health Plans. The dental plan uses the Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier network of dentists. VSP Choice is the vision network for eye doctors and quality eyewear at low out-of-pocket costs. 

Coverage on these and the many other offerings found as part of the South Dakota Farm Bureau Health Plans are based upon which plan you choose. Follow this link to see an overview of the different plans and click on “Schedule of Benefits” to see the many options and rates of coverage.

A unique feature on the site is the ability to get a quote for coverage. Individuals can input basic information to generate an estimated premium quote for different levels of coverage. The plans are rated per family and not per individual. Enrollment is also open year-round.

Applications are available to any South Dakota resident who is a current SDFB member or becomes one. Membership in SDFB is open not only to farmers, but to anyone for $60 annually. 

SDFB encourages interested parties to connect with a South Dakota Farm Bureau Financial Services agent to guide them through the application process. A list of certified agents by county is available at the site.

“The South Dakota Farm Bureau Health Plans is another example of listening to our members and providing member benefits that are important to them,” said VanderWal. “SDFB follows in the footsteps of Farm Bureau organizations in other states that offer a quality health care options to their members. This is a proven product offering which has benefitted Farm Bureau members who are in need of affordable, quality health care coverage.’

For over 100 years, SDFB has been a trusted leader in agriculture, providing unique opportunities and support to members. 

To learn more, visit the site at For more information on South Dakota Farm Bureau visit