Information on the new South Dakota Farm Bureau (SDFB) Health Plans is now a click away. A newly launched website, includes an overview of the plans, information about how to apply, access to providers and other important resources for anyone interested in knowing if the SDFB Health Plans is a good fit. Members can begin applying on Oct.1, 2021.


Prior to the Oct. 1 sign-up date, individuals can prepare to apply for the plan by visiting the new website, making sure they are a member of South Dakota Farm Bureau and evaluating their current coverage and costs to see if the SDFB Health Plan is a good option. The plans will be available to any South Dakota resident who is a current SDFB member, and membership in SDFB is open to anyone for just $60 annually.

For over 100 years, SDFB has been a trusted leader in agriculture, providing unique opportunities and support to members. Legislation was passed earlier this year that allows SDFB to begin offering health care coverage.

 To learn more, visit the site at For more information on South Dakota Farm Bureau visit