“Springtime at Grandpa & Grandma’s Farm” and “Seed, Sun & Soil” are two Accurate Ag books recently unveiled by the South Dakota Farm Bureau (SDFB) Women’s Leadership Team (WLT) at the SDFB Annual Convention in Rapid City, S.D.


“Springtime at Grandpa & Grandma’s Farm” is a self-published book written by members of the WLT. This is a follow-up to the book “Visiting Grandpa and Grandma’s Farm” that the team produced last year. “Springtime at Grandpa & Grandma’s Farm” is available for $5 plus shipping.


“Seed, Sun & Soil” is a former American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture book of the year and tells the story how nature creates the food we eat. This book is available for $8 plus shipping.


“We received so much positive feedback after publishing our first book last year that we wanted to continue the story,” said Cindy Foster, SDFB Women’s Leadership Chairman. “The second book “Seed, Sun & Soil” shares an educational message that children will enjoy and helps share the message of agriculture.”


Both books can be purchased by contacting the SDFB state office at 605-353-8050 or by visiting www.sdfbf.org.


SDFB Women’s Leadership Team works to educate the public about farm and rural safety and provides accurate information about agriculture to consumers and students.


More information on South Dakota Farm Bureau and Women’s Leadership Team can be found at www.sdfbf.org