South Dakota Farm Bureau (SDFB) will begin an eight-part webinar series that will focus on the cattle and beef industries and the food supply chain. The webinar is made possible by a partnership between SDFB and the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF).

“We are excited to bring an opportunity for livestock producers to engage in important conversations that may influence national agriculture policy,” said Krystil Smit, SDFB Executive Director. “Our goal is to provide increased education and awareness so participants will feel confident getting involved in policy conversations with lawmakers at all levels of government.”

Through this series, titled Pasture to Plate, participants will have conversations with experts about hot topics such as price discovery, mandatory price reporting, country-of-origin labeling and much more.

Some of the speakers scheduled to participate include Mike Pearson with Zaner Group, Dr. Jayson Lusk from Purdue University and Dr. Glynn Tonsor from Kansas State University.

The series begins on July 23rd at 7:30 p.m. CT with Dr. Jayson Lusk from Purdue University with a discussion on the beef and cattle supply chains, disruptions experienced since the Tyson fire and COVID, market reactions to those disruptions and ways we can make our food system more resilient.

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