Testimony will be heard on SB 87, a bill proposed by South Dakota Farm Bureau (SDFB) that would allow SDFB to offer a quality health care coverage option to members. The health care plan would include a national network of providers and operate much like health care coverage options offered at companies with self-funded pools.

Scheduled to offer testimony in front of the Senate Commerce and Energy Committee include SDFB President Scott VanderWal and the Nick and Bekah Ihnen family of Tulare.

Bill sponsors include Senators Cammack, Crabtree, Duvall, Heinert, Klumb and Maher; and Representatives Blare, Chase, Hansen, Gosch, Lesmeister, Milstead, Mortenson, Peterson (Kent), Tidemann and Vasgaard.

There is still time to contact members of the Senate Commerce and Energy Committee and share how this legislation is important to South Dakota farm/ranch families.

Legislators on the committee and their contact information are included below:

Crabtree, Casey (R) (co-sponsor); 

Foster, Red Dawn (D) ; 

Novstrup, Al (R) ; 

Schoenbeck, Lee (R) ; 

Stalzer, Jim (R) ; 

Steinhauer, Wayne (R) ; 

Tobin, Erin (R) ; 

Wheeler, David (R) ; 

Zikmund, Larry (R)

To follow the committee testimony on Thursday morning at 10 a.m. CT follow this link:


Senate Bill 87 would authorize SDFB to offer a health benefit plan under a self-funded arrangement through an entity licensed as a third-party administrator, and as an organization certified with the South Dakota Division of Insurance.

SDFB has the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of Farm Bureau organizations in other states that have passed similar legislation and are offering a quality health care product to their members. This is a proven product offering which has benefitted Farm Bureau members who are in need of affordable, quality health care coverage.

A list of Frequently Asked Questions about the SDFB Health Plan can be found here. To learn more about South Dakota Farm Bureau visit sdfbf.org.