July 21 is the deadline for submitting comments on the EPA's "Waters of the U.S." proposed rule that would potentially regulate nearly every drop of water that falls on your farm or ranch.

The South Dakota Farm Bureau is asking each of its farm & ranch members to please submit comments!  This federal rule would vastly expand the scope of the Clean Water Act by bringing even temporary and non-navigable waters under its jurisdiction.

We have created an "Waters of the U.S." Action Center here on our website.  On this page you can find:
-- Background information about the rule
-- A 5-part editorial series written by an attorney who is an expert at ag & environmental trial issues
-- Information from Farm Bureau leaders
-- A sample letter to the EPA
-- A link and instructions for sending in your letter/comments via email

If this rule passes, farmers and ranchers may potentially be forced to apply for Clean Water Act permits to do everyday activities like fence, till, harvest, spray for weeds, apply fertilizer, and more.  The way the EPA has the rule worded, they are intending to regulate even temporary waters such as roadside ditches, low areas in fields, stock dams, and more.

Please take some time to read some of the background found in our Action Center.  It is very important that the EPA receives as many comments as possible from real farmers and ranchers.  If enough comments are received, we may be able to prevent this damaging rule from taking effect!

Please send in your comments by July 21! The SDFB staff is more than happy to answer questions or assist you in drafting your comments.