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2024 Legislative Updates

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Bill Purpose
HB 1001 Repeal the expiration of a reduction in certain gross receipts and use tax rates.
HB 1009 Modify the observation of time in South Dakota.
HB 1030 Update statutory and regulatory references pertaining to water pollution.
HB 1031 Update the development and implementation of conservation district standards.
HB 1032 Extent ti veterinarians provisions governing drugs, medicines, and various biological products that are prepared for animal use.
HB 1033 Address the administration of State Conservation Commission functions by the Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources.
HB 1034 Require hydrogen pipelines to be permitted by the Public Utilities Commission.
HB 1037 Require the producers of wind and solar energy infrastructure to implement or participate in a wind and solar energy infrastructure stewardship program.
HB 1040 Limit annual valuation increases on owner-occupied single-family dwellings.
HB 1042 Establish parameters for the reimbursement of school districts that provide free or reduced price meals to students.
HB 1048 Revise the requirements pertaining to the target teacher salary.
HB 1053 Create term limits for public utilities commissioners.
HB 1056 Increase the property tax exemption allowed for certain veterans with a disability.
HB 1057 Create the Commission on Indigent Legal Services and Office of Indigent Legal Services.
HB 1065 Make an appropriate for the design and construction of a multi-use building on the grounds of the State Fair and to declare an emergency.
HB 1079 Require property owner permission or a siting permit prior to entry for an examination and survey.
HB 1082 Change the eligibility requirements, and the exempt value, of a property tax relief program for disabled veterans and surviving spouses.
HB 1109 Eliminate the cap on assessment amounts for road improvements and to allow townships to plan and pay for the paving and maintenance of non-section line roads.
HB 1128 Require a zoning authority to determine that a well is an established well that has not been abandoned in making a permitting decision.
HB 1129 Repeal the session law authorizing the Board of Regents to contract for the design and construction of a new dairy research and extension farm on the campus of South Dakota State University, and to declare an emergency.
HB 1130 Revise water development district boundaries and taxing authority.
HB 1134 Amend the school funding formula to provide for the use of an averaged fall enrollment when determining local need.
HB 1135 Expand definitions pertaining to the purchasing of grain.
HB 1143 Improve agriculture in South Dakota.
HB 1145 Modify brand registration and use laws.
HB 1163 Amend provisions of the Uniform Commercial Code.
HB 1175 Allow for the permanent reduction of taxes in South Dakota.
HB 1180 Require legislative approval for the purchase of real property by the Department of Game, Fish and Parks.
HB 1181 Increase the number of years the discretionary formula may be applied to a structure, and to allow for the individual application of the discretionary formula for a structure.
HB 1185 Amend provisions regarding entry on private property for examination and survey of a project requiring a siting permit.
HB 1186 Define the requirements for granting a carbon pipeline easement.
HB 1190 Establish public use criteria for purposes of condemnation proceedings.
HB 1193 Provide that required siting permits be filed with condemnation petitions.
HB 1203 Clarify references to the court in a condemnation proceeding.
HB 1207 Create requirements for the disclosure of certain information relating to health care sharing arrangements.
HB 1208 Require the director of equalization to adjust certain agricultural land values.
HB 1212 Require certain vehicles to be equipped with mud flaps.
HB 1219 Prohibit the exercise of eminent domain for the construction of pipelines carrying carbon oxide.
HB 1231 Place restrictions on the ownership of agricultural land.
HB 1246 Establish a pre-condemnation process and to require reclamation and restoration of property damaged by condemnation.
HB 1251 Modify provisions related to the annexation of unplatted territory or agricultural land.
HB 1252 Address South Dakota Brand Board administration and operations.
HB 1255 Establish a property tax exemption for religious societies, and to modify the application requirements for certain property tax exemptions.
HB 1256 Establish percentage requirements for voluntary agreements governing pipeline construction prior to the filing of a petition for condemnation.
HB 1258 Provide that a company transporting hydrogen, by pipeline, is not a common carrier.
HCR 6002 To provide for an interim study regarding foreign ownership of agricultural land
HCR 6006 Urging the members of South Dakota's congressional delegation to sponsor and support an amendment to the Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILT) Act.
HJR 5001 Proposing and submitting to the voters at the next general election an amendment to the Constitution of the State of South Dakota, requiring all non-judicial offices elected by a statewide vote to be nominated at a primary election.
SB 7 Revise the water resources projects list.
SB 14 Expand authorization for the conditional taking of coyotes from snowmobiles.
SB 16 Make appropriations for water and environmental purposes and to declare an emergency.
SB 22 Amend language regarding the licensing period for a grain buyer.
SB 31 Create the indigent legal services fund, to provide ongoing revenue therefore, and to make an appropriation therefor.
SB 51 Revise property tax levies for school districts and to revise the state aid to general and special education formulas.
SB 52 Revise the General Appropriations Act for fiscal year 2024.
SB 53 Make an appropriation for eligible water and wastewater projects and to declare an emergency.
SB 54 Update hunting and fishing residency requirements.
SB 66 Make an appropriation for eligible water, wastewater, and storm water projects throughout state government, and to declare an emergency.
SB 78 Provide for an E15 fuel tax refund.
SB 89 Reduce the notice requirement period to terminate a tenancy at will.
SB 124 Revise the eligibility of roads for the rural access infrastructure fund.
SB 126 Improve agriculture in South Dakota.
SB 131 Include shelterbelts as a factor affecting productivity in determining assessed value of agricultural land.
SB 164 Lower the state sales tax rate and the state use tax rate on food to zero percent, and to increase gross receipts tax rates, and use tax rates.
SB 165 Create the South Dakota-Ireland Trade Commission.
SB 166 Revise provisions regarding drones.
SB 167 Limit annual valuation increases on owner-occupied singal-family dwellings.
SB 169 Revise provisions regarding drones.
SB 172 Allow a person to temporarily take responsibility of a feral animal for the purpose of spaying or neutering the animal.
SB 173 Provide a landowner-on-land license for antlerless elk.
SB 183 Provide property tax relief to certain seniors.
SB 187 Make an appropriation to establish a local government cybersecurity services initiative and to declare an emergency.
SB 188 Modify the time before which rural access infrastructure grant moneys must be expended or obligated.
SB 189 Include impacted townships in the issuance of a conditional use permit.
SB 195 Modify provisions regarding the process to vacate certain highways.
SB 199 Revise provisions pertaining to the consolidation or boundary changes of counties.
SB 201 Provide new statutory requirements for regulating linear transmission facilities and to declare an emergency.
SB 206 Encourage sales of meat through the use of animal share agreements and the creation of a processor grant program.
SB215 Prohibit the intentional release of polluting emissions into the atmosphere by cloud seeding, weather modification, excessive electromagnetic radio frequency and microwave radiation and providing enforcement and penalties for violations.
SB 218 Restrict the power of eminent domain to a utility used for a public purpose.
SB 220 Prohibit an employer from withholding compensation from an employee who quits without notice.
SJR 501 Proposing and submitting to the voters at the next general election, an amendment to the Constitution of the State of South Dakota, authorizing the state to impose work requirements on certain individuals who are eligible for expanded Medicaid.
SJR 502 Providing legislative approval for a future use water permit application by the Lewis and Clark Regional Water System.
SJR 505 Proposing and submitting to the voters at the next general election an amendment to the Constitution of the State of South Dakota, limiting the assessed value of the real property and the amount of tax on real property.
SJR 510 To refer to the voters the question of whether the state should lower the state sales and use tax rate on food to zero percent, and to increase certain gross receipts tax rates, excise tax rates, and use tax rates.

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