State Legislative

State Legislative

Legislative Updates from the South Dakota Farm Bureau

Michael Held, South Dakota Farm Bureau's lobbyist, is at the Capitol representing our members during the Legislative Session. 

Contact for Questions:

Michael Held, SDFB Lobbyist E-mail: Cell: (605) 350-0739

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Here is a brief video clip from SDFB Lobbyist Michael Held on SB 135.

SDFB Bill Tracker, 2017 Legislative Session
Green-SDFB supports, Yellow-SDFB keeping track, Red-SDFB opposes
HB 1012revise certain provisions related to wind and solar easements.
HB 1029update references to certain federal motor carrier regulations.
HB 1038repeal the requirement for farm corporations to file farm annual reports with the secretary of state.
HB 1068revise certain provisions concerning landowner liability for certain injuries suffered.
HB 1069repeal and revise certain provisions related to campaign finance and to declare an emergency.
HB 1073revise and repeal certain provisions regarding gifts from registered lobbyists to public officials.
HB 1086provide certain provisions requiring the official state seed certification agency to obtain liability insurance.
HB 1089provide certain provisions regarding investigations of misconduct by certain public officials.
HB 1094provide for the transfer of certain landowner hunting licenses.
HB 1104revise certain motor vehicle liability insurance requirements.
HB 1106create a leased residential property classification.
HB 1119lower the state sales and use tax on certain food items and to increase the rate of taxation for the sales and use tax on certain goods and services.
HB 1124exempt a person with a commercial driver license from the requirement to have a hazardous materials endorsement on the license under certain conditions.
HB 1141provide for a legislative task force to consider certain legislation proposed to revise provisions regarding the constitutional amendment, initiative and referendum process in South Dakota.
HB 1153revise the signature requirements for initiated measures and referred laws.
HB 1157create the agriculture future development fund, to provide for its administration, to establish the agriculture future development committee, and to provide funding for certain programs and projects.
HB 1159revise certain provisions regarding the regulation of commercial breeding operations.
HB 1160recover the costs of care for animals seized by law enforcement.
HB 1178require the Department of Social Services to submit an implementation plan to allow the state to issue photo EBT cards.
HB 1187revise the process by which courts consider appeals of decisions regarding conditional use requests.
HB 1188accommodate legislation to promote agricultural development.
HB 1200revise certain provisions regarding contributions to ballot question committees.
SB 7revise the criteria for determining if property is classified as agricultural land for property tax purposes.
SB 9revise the river basin natural resource district boundaries, to establish subdistricts for each district, and to establish a procedure to adjust district boundaries.
SB 10provide for an election in the Red River and Minnesota River Basin Natural Resource District in 2018, to remove certain areas from the East Dakota Water Development District that are contained in that river basin natural resource district, and to provide for elections in the other river basin natural resource districts at a later date.
SB 11revise certain provisions regarding the State Fair Commission and the administration of the fairgrounds and to declare an emergency.
SB 14make an appropriation from the coordinated natural resources conservation fund to the State Conservation Commission and to declare an emergency.
SB 15make an appropriation for costs related to suppression of wildfires in the state and to declare an emergency.
SB 21revise certain provisions related to public grain warehouses and grain buyers.
SB 22exempt certain unmanned aircraft systems from the requirement to be registered as aircraft.
SB 23revise the authority of the Transportation Commission to make loans from the state highway fund to local governments for highway and bridge construction and maintenance purposes.
SB 33revise the state aid to special education formula.
SB 35revise the state aid to general education formula.
SB 53create a campaign finance ethics commission and to establish certain powers and procedures for the commission.
SB 54revise certain provisions regarding campaign finance requirements.
SB 59delay the effective date for initiated measures and referred laws.
SB 65establish the South Dakota Board of Technical Education and to revise certain provisions regarding career and technical education and postsecondary technical institutes.
SB 66specifically classify certain agricultural land as riparian buffer strips, to establish the criteria for the riparian buffer strip classification, and to provide for the taxation thereof.
SB 67revise the method used to calculate the petition signatures to place initiated measures on the ballot and to declare an emergency.
SB 70make appropriations from the water and environment fund and its revolving fund subfunds for various water and environmental purposes, to increase the transfer from the water and environment fund to the environment and natural resources fee fund, and to declare an emergency.
SB 77provide for a fiscal note for any initiated measure, initiated amendment to the Constitution, or referred law that would have a fiscal impact on the state.
SB 80regulate the use of drones under certain conditions and to provide a penalty therefor.
SB 105reduce the excise tax imposed on the gross receipts from sale, resale, or lease of farm machinery, attachment units, and irrigation equipment.
SB 119accommodate legislation to improve culverts in the state.
SB 124repeal the authority for the Department of Social Services to enter agreements related to the Refugee Act of 1980 and to require certain reports regarding services provided to and arrival of refugees.
SB 127provide certain defenses to adverse possession claims.
SB 130revise provisions regarding the amount licensing agents may collect on the sale of certain licenses and permits for the Department of Game, Fish and Parks to designate the use of certain funds received by the department, and to establish certain reporting requirements.
SB 133accommodate legislation regarding the Missouri River.
SB 135revise certain meat labeling requirements.
SB 142provide for certain updates and reports concerning research data and methods used to assess agricultural land.
SB 148make an appropriation to the Department of Agriculture for enhancement of the farm link program.
SB 158impose a tariff on certain pipelines carrying crude oil and to create a crude oil pipeline compensation fund that may be used in the event of a crude oil spill.
SB 162authorize the Board of Regents to contract for the design, renovation of, and addition to, the Animal Disease Research and Diagnostic Laboratory on the campus of South Dakota State University and to make an appropriation therefor.
SB 169impose a statewide property tax for purpose of providing funds to increase certain employee wages employed by community support providers and nursing facilities.
SB 170revise certain provisions regarding the maximum width restriction for farm implements operated on a public highway
SB 172authorize the South Dakota Building Authority to provide for the construction of and improvements to the State Animal Disease Research and Diagnostic Laboratory and infrastructure at South Dakota State University, to transfer certain funds, to make an appropriation, and to declare an emergency.
SB 175appropriate money for the ordinary expenses of the legislative, judicial, and executive departments of the state, the expenses of state institutions, interest on the public debt, and for common schools.
SJR 2Proposing and submitting to the electors at the next general election amendments to Article XXIII, of the Constitution of the State of South Dakota, relating to amendments to the Constitution.