Women's Leadership Team

Women's Leadership Team

Women Working for South Dakota’s #1 Industry



The SDFB Women’s Leadership Team (WLT) promotes and assists the South Dakota Farm Bureau by involving women and helping them develop their leadership skills. The Women’s Leadership Team works to educate the public about farm and rural safety, and works to provide accurate information about agriculture to consumers and students.

Accurate Ag Books

With fewer than 2% of Americans having a direct connection to a farm, do today's students understand where and how their food is produced? Each year, the American Farm Bureau Federation selects a book that accurately depicts modern agriculture and food production, and the SDFB Women's Leadership Team leads an effort to get this storybook into South Dakota elementary school classrooms. Since 2008, the SDFB Women's Leadership Team has placed more than 2,000 accurate ag books in South Dakota classrooms -- more than $28,619 worth of books!

"Book in a Bucket"



The Book in a Bucket is designed for a person to read one or both books enclosed in the bucket, using the props to help tell the Ag story either as you read the book or right after reading it. The Book in a Bucket concept can be used in the classroom by teachers, substitute teachers, and volunteers. There are 50 different worksheets & activities included in the bucket to accommodate different age groups.

Feeding South Dakota

Over $1300 was donated by Farm Bureau members and counties during the "Sharing Our Harvest" luncheon at the 2017 Centennial Convention.

Ag Day at the Washington Pavilion

The Women's Leadership Team hosts a South Dakota Farm Bureau exhibit during "Ag Day" at the Washington Pavilion in Sioux Falls. This year, more than 2000 people attended the event! This event is an excellent opportunity to share agriculture's story with young people.


This year for the first time a new event "Ag Friday" was held. 550 students from area schools within a 75 mile radius visited the booth.

This years SDFB WLT booth included a wheat display with a combine and truck. A wheat story was told from field to table. The theme this year was "Where Does Our Food Come From". The WLT also provided 2 lambs for everyone to touché for a hands-on experience. Young & old were given the opportunity to play Plinko by naming their favorite food.

Bread from the Seed to the Store

This video shows the process of how a kernel of wheat becomes bread for the consumer to enjoy.  Be ready to be intrigued by how many products are made from wheat!  The video showcases how South Dakota farmers plant and harvest wheat before the wheat travels to the mill and bakery.



Our Food Link



Farm Bureaus from across the United States are highlighting "Our Food Link," a program that shares with consumers the message that America's farmers and ranchers provide a safe, healthy, and affordable food supply.

AFBF has prepared a helpful toolkit:

In addition to consumer activities the team collects donations from farm bureaus from across the state and uses the money to purchase fresh milk and eggs for two Ronald McDonald Houses in Sioux Falls and the Rapid City Regional Hospital In Rapid City where families stay when they have a young family member in the hospital.  The team also coordinates shopping for groceries once a year for these facilities thanks to generous donations from county farm bureaus.

South Dakota Farm Bureau's Women's Leadership Team

Cindy Foster
Fulton, SD

Vice Chair
Janet Hurlbert
Clark, SD

District 1
Joyce Vasgaard
Centerville, SD

District 2
Linda Bannwarth
Mitchell, SD

District 3
Shawn Vanderwal
Bruce, SD

District 4
Jane Brehe
Agar, SD

District 5
Ida Sander
Bison, SD

District 6
Mary Nelson
Philip, SD

District 7
Sarah Veenstra
New Holland, SD