Farm Bureau is committed to providing accurate agricultural resources to teachers, parents and volunteers. With consumers being further removed from the family farm it is becoming even more important that we share our story about Ag with our future consumers.

My American Farm

My American Farm is an educational game platform launched in 2011 to engage pre-K through fifth grade learners in the discovery of relevant agricultural issues. Today the free site offers agriculturally - themed games and more than 100 free educator resources such as lesson plans, activity sheets and comics. To take advantage of the free My American Farm resources, games and activities visit

  • 16 online games
  • Educator resources
  • Family fun activities

Power-Up Lesson Plan

The Power-Up game is a new amazing game on the My American Farm. This game takes you inside an electric plant so you decide which type of electricity is going to be needed to keep the lights on in a given area of the United States. Check out the lesson plan that has standards attached with some additional activities for your students or children.

PowerUp Lesson Energy and Agriculture

Plugged In Activity Sheet

This resource will help you check out careers in the field of energy.

PluggedIn Activity Sheet

Ag and Energy Activities and Resources

Here are science experiments with standards attached for all ages from elementary through high school. Come and explore strategies for teaching others about the importance of energy and agriculture!

Ag and Energy Activities and Resources

Science Day Camp Kit

The new My American Farm Food Science Fun guide contains 10 activities related to food sciences that can be used at an Ag Day, Day Camp of just fun activities for kids.  Acitivities range from learning the parts of a plant to making snacks!

Science Day Camp Kit